Large-Scale Cultivation and High-Quality Produce

CannaSVG was founded with the aim of bringing large-scale cultivation and high-quality medical cannabis to the same table. We believe that top-shelf medical cannabis should always take priority, and this will be evident to our consumers.


Aiding us in our quest to cultivate the best medical cannabis in the world, is the Caribbean sun. The majority of our produce comes from our 20-acre outdoor organic farm, where we employ unique cultivation practices in order to ensure that we far exceed the demand for quality, while simultaneously being able to produce the volumes needed for various markets around the world.


Curing is of utmost importance to us. Whereas many other industry-leading companies rush this process, we believe that a slow and perfect cure is key to top-shelf medical cannabis, so that we can bring about the most extensive terpene and cannabinoid profiles that a particular strain or phenotype has to offer. And this is something our customers will be able to see for themselves.

Our Mission

Aside from cultivating some of the best medical cannabis in the world, we believe it is our duty to give back to the local community. We have, therefore, established strong links with local traditional farmers and co-operatives, in order to provide employment and training to the local population in an ever-expanding global industry.

We are strong believers and advocates in preserving the one and only world we have the privilege of living in, by employing eco-friendly practices throughout. We aim to be completely reliant on solar power by year 2 of operations, as well as taking advantage of rainwater collection and water recycling, which will help us minimise our carbon footprint.

Our team boasts extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry, from commercial cultivation and extraction to genetics, and everything in between. We also have decades of collective expertise in construction project planning and management, import and export, accounting and finance.

CannaSVG aims to produce and manufacture an extensive range of innovative products, with a wide array of cannabinoid and terpene profiles, including extracts and distillates, e-liquids, soft gels, flowers, and oils.

We believe that traceability is of utmost importance in this industry – not only because the size of our operation demands that level of organisation, but because consumer confidence and satisfaction is key to developing long-term success.

Our Services

Contract Farming

CannaSVG offers contract farming by way of dry cannabis flower weight or cultivated area. We have a variety of strains for prospective clients to choose from and are willing to work with you to meet all your needs.

Distillation & Extraction

CannaSVG offers extraction services for raw cannabis material, and also secondary processing of extracted oils by way of distillation. We are able to meet the demands of clients seeking to extract high-volumes of flower, or those seeking to refine a particular cannabinoid ratio from their already extracted oils.

Wholesale & White Label

CannaSVG offers wholesale pricing on all flower, extracts, and our own branded end products. We also offer the possibility for companies to purchase white label end products, and are able to formulate any ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes for any end products desired.

We understand the importance of developing long-lasting and fruitful relationships with other like-minded businesses in this global industry. If you’d like more information on how your company could work with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

CannaSVG has already gained access to the European market through partnerships, involving some of the most recognised European CBD brands and pharmaceutical suppliers. It is our belief that Europe will experience a growing trend towards cannabis consumption, both medical and recreational, as many European countries make concessions surrounding the legalisation of cannabis.

CannaSVG aims to attain GMP status within our first year of operations. Our SOP’s (standard operating procedures) are extensive, catering for every aspect of our commercial medical cannabis project as a whole.

About SVG

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines lies at the southern end of the Eastern Caribbean sea, to the west of Barbados, and north of Grenada.

The relatively small 130 sqm main island of Saint Vincent, along with the other 30+ smaller cays, enjoy a superb Caribbean climate year-round, with day temperatures hovering in the late 20 degrees Celsius.


The island boasts beautiful beaches and bays, with tourism being a major source of revenue.


Saint Vincent has a rich cannabis history, with a recently incorporated co-operative led by the local Rasta community – a hard-working and passionate group of individuals completely dedicated to bringing about an educational approach to cannabis.


The Government of Saint Vincent recently made the cultivation of medical cannabis legal, and have provided a legislative framework for individuals and companies alike to take part in what will no doubt be a flourishing new industry for this proud island nation.

Careers at CannaSVG

Looking to work with a global leader within the cannabis cultivation industry?

CannaSVG offers great career opportunities for everyone seeking to get involved in this rapidly expanding industry. If you’re a farmer, chemical engineer, cultivation specialist or manager, we have the right job for you!

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