About Us

CannaSVG are large-scale cultivation & high quality producers of medical grade cannabis.

Large-Scale Cultivation & High-Quality Produce

CannaSVG brings large-scale cultivation and high-quality medical cannabis to the same table. Our belief is that delivering premium quality medical cannabis should always be our top priority, and this is evident to our consumers.

Aiding us in our quest to cultivate top-shelf medical cannabis is the Caribbean climate and sunlight that is experienced in our facility based, in Kingstown, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines. Most of our produce comes from our 60-acre cutting edge outdoor organic farm where we employ unique and leading-edge cultivation practices to ensure that we far exceed the demand for quality, while simultaneously being able to produce the volumes needed for various markets around the world.

Our extensive number of large 96’ x 30’ state of the art greenhouses allows us to control all parameters of our perpetual cycle via a cloud-based system, whether it be lighting, irrigation, climate control, light-dep, etc. This leading technology enables our team here to closely monitor, analyse and make the best decisions for all our plants at any given moment.

CannaSVG’s practices are currently GMP and GACP compliant and our SOPs (standard operating procedures) are extensive and highly developed, thus catering for every aspect of our commercial medical cannabis entity.

CannaSVG offers great opportunities for everyone seeking to get involved in this rapidly expanding industry. If you’re a potential customer, contractor, partner, farmer, chemical engineer, cultivation specialist or manager, then you’ve come to the right place.

To find out more about the many opportunities that CannaSVG has to offer please contact us here.