Green Gold in Jamaica

Highlighting key points taken from the recent Jamaica Observer article, taking a deep dive into the world of CannaSVG…

We are ecstatic to have been mentioned in a recent article published in the Jamaica Observer discussing our progression and presence in the medical cannabis industry and how our business is helping the local infrastructure.

The first shipment of medical cannabis left the shores of St Vincent and the Grenadines to Germany on 18th January. Allowing St Vincent and the Grenadines to find a place within the medical and wellness industry.

The global medical cannabis industry is valued at US$13 billion, with it not stopping there. Due to the increasing backed evidence and awareness of health benefits that cannabis can offer to patients with problems such as pain management, appetite enhancement and reducing eye pressure. Creating excitement over there, hoping for the start of further economic growth for St Vincent.

Our key investment sectors are within the psychedelic industry and local herbs and spices that we have in the country. In terms of the psychedelic aspect to the business we established early on that this would only be cultivated for medical use only.

It all starts within a single greenhouse in Georgetown from seeds all sourced and supplied within Jamaica. The greenhouse can hold up to around 6,000 flowering plants however, with the brand already securing a further of 60 acres to expand and future proofing their business to exceed within the pharmaceutical market. Having the opportunity to use greenhouses, allows each plant to take full advantage of the natural sunlight and to also reduce the impact of pests which in turn reduces the use of pesticides.

At the moment the brand only produces the flower from the cannabis plant for the medical industry. However, they are looking to expand in the future to create cannabis edibles which will open further doors to overseas investors and clients. Developing a diversified modern wellness industry allows investors to review all the possibilities and opportunities that the business could hold.

Our next key aim is to have more of a presence within the EU by being authorised to export to these countries.

“We have to also appreciate that the European is diverse and a significant percentage of products going into any European country will be used for nutraceuticals and some for even pharmaceuticals. And if you are to carve out a niche for yourself, the higher the standards that you grow the cannabis, the greater the viability for your industry, because you will be able to get not only better prices but also greater market share,” – Caesar

Jamaica Observer has captured the essence of what we do and is helping to promote our values and mission to succeed within the pharmaceutical industry.

To read the full article about CannaSVG success please click here.

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